Fine & Casual Dinning at Ganga Beach Resort

Have a fine dining experience in the tranquil surroundings of the Best Luxury Hotel In Rishikesh! Taste buds handing spices and yummy ingredients are tossed together dexterously in the end at the cook top to prepare the best delicacies for you in here. The food cooked by our chefs are so scrumptious and the pleasant fragrance flowing in from the kitchen is so aromatic that you won’t be able to resist the temptation. Along with all this, the hospitable staff and serene ambience of the place will be a cherry on the cake. The result – at the conclusion of every meal, you will end up getting the feeling of ultimate bliss.

We assure you, every date of yours with the luscious cuisines served to you at hotel Ganga Beach Resort will completely entice your senses leaving you ecstatic.

We Entise You with Exclusive Cuisies


- 'LazeezKhaana' is the phrase that immediately strikes our mind whenever we think about the ‘swaadist’ cuisines of India. The food cooked traditionally is completely lip smacking. People from every walk of life, be they from any part of the world enjoy and relish various luscious Indian dishes cooked by our chefs at our hotel.


- 'CiboDelicioso' of Italy has achieved considerable amount of fame all over the world and in India also. The exotic flavoured dishes like pizzas, sphagetti, pasta offered at our hotel with a twist of various simple spices have always been at the heart of the tourists. Simple herbs, cheese, olive oil are some basic ingredients which make the Italian delicacies delectable.


- The flavours of South India have carved a special niche for themselves throughout the Indian hospitality industry as they are placed in a separate category in the menu of every restaurant or hotel. The characteristic balmy scent of herbs in typical South Indian food like fried basil leaves used to garnish various dishes or sesame seeds put in a plenty amount in our kitchen are all praise worthy.


Too Tired to Go Out... Why Not Dine In?

Delicious meal is just a call away as you give yourself a treat by availing our room service under which you can enjoy cuisines of your choice while easing out in one of the premium luxury rooms in Rishikesh. Amicable feast serving by our staff and bringing your favourite delicacies for you in your very personal space is what all we can say to describe our excellent service.